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Domestic Infidelity / Relationship Issues

Suspect a cheating partner? Get the truth you deserve — don’t be tormented by uncertainty. Bring your concerns to Florida Truth Verification for a professional, confidential, and personalized EyeDetect ocular-motor deception (ODT) test. Determine whether the person you suspect is being unfaithful in your relationship.

  • Intimate Relations
  • Illicit Sexual Relations
  • Use of Escort or Prostitution Services
  • Engaging in Online Cybersex or Pornographic Activities
  • Romantic Communications with Others via Email and Internet Chat Rooms
Florida Lie Detector and Polygraph Tests
Florida Lie Detector and Polygraph Tests

In a World Lacking Integrity, Make Truth Prevail — EyeDetect

  • Cutting-Edge — Detects slight fluctuations in the eyes that indicate truth or deception.
  • Dependable — Test resluts are 86–94% accurate. Scored by proprietary algorithms.
  • Non-Invasive — No Sensors or wires are attached.
  • Quick — The tests run 30–45 minutes — get results scored in five minutes.

All testing is confidential and the results can only be shared with the examinee and requestor. Our professional technicians conduct low profile, non-accusatory type interviews. Find out once and for all, through our accurate and dependable EyeDetect services.

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