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In a World Lacking Integrity, Make Truth Prevail – EyeDetect

A world-renowned team of deception detection scientists have developed new credibility assessment methods that are accurate, non-intrusive and fast. The paradigm is shifting!

EyeDetect – EyeDetect is the first breakthrough in nearly 100 years to effectively uncover lies. In just 30 minutes, it can spot a liar by analyzing the eyes.

IntegrityDetect – Be confident that you’re hiring trustworthy people. Predict a person’s integrity by analyzing how the person implicitly associates him or herself to a set of issues. IntegrityDetect is the new standard in integrity testing as it’s 16-27% more accurate than traditional tests.

IdentityDetect – Identification may be forged and documents stolen, but a person’s true identity doesn’t change. IdentityDetect can spot a liar in just 1-5 minutes.

These scientifically, validated, technologies allow organizations to manage risk and ensure workplace integrity, so agencies and governments can accurately assess credibility issues. Ultimately, Converus EyeDetect helps protect countries, corporations and communities from corruption, fraud and threats.

Florida Truth Verification Inc is proud to utilize EyeDetect. A proven, lie detection, truth

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