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Domestic Infidelity / Relationship Issues

Suspect a cheating partner? Get the truth you deserve — don’t be tormented by uncertainty. Bring your concerns to Florida Truth Verification for a professional, confidential, and personalized polygraph test. Determine whether the person you suspect is being unfaithful in your relationship.

  • Intimate Relations
  • Illicit Sexual Relations
  • Use of Escort or Prostitution Services
  • Engaging in Online Cybersex or Pornographic Activities
  • Romantic Communications with Others via Email and Internet Chat Rooms
  • Sexual History Disclosure Exams
  • Maintenance and Monitoring Exams
Florida Lie Detector and Polygraph Tests

All testing is confidential and the results can only be shared with the examinee and requestor. Our professional technicians conduct low profile, non-accusatory type interviews. Find out once and for all, through our accurate and dependable polygraph services.

Free Consultation (863) 299-9424